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While the RML 11 (Libre Money Meeting) is taking place, I’m happy to announce that a new edition of the book β€œMoney: What You Don’t Know” is spreading. This edition is not sold, it is freely spread. On the cover, a flashy tag catches the eye of the random passerby:

Inside, he will find a unique code for this copy, as well as a QRCode which directs him to this page, where he can register the book’s current location as well as some optional comments. Once he finishes the book, he is advised to leave the book in a busy place, for other people to grab and enjoy, and leave their own track.

A couple of copies have already been spread, let them roam the world freely!

The book “Money: What You Don’t Know” is out!

Welcome to this blog!

As a first post, I’m excited to announce that my new book, “Money: What You Don’t Know” is out!

It explains in simple terms how money works in general, this “thing” we use daily and which is so important, but that we know so little about. It addresses the history of money, Central Banks, speculation, and even crypto-currencies and local complementary currencies.

It is available on main platforms:

Besides, you can also get any version in the Ğ1 currency, just send me an email (you know my first name, and the domain has no “blog” in it).

I would love for you to write comments on Lulu and Amazon about the book (especially if you liked it!).

Besides, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter on the left panel of this page, I’ll keep the volume very low, such as new books or new editions.


PS: in case you have French speaking friends who might be interested by the French version, it is also available here.