On the Shoulders of Giants

Each of our current realizations as a species has been possible because we have been inspired by our ancestors. No need to reinvent the wheel. Every generation gets its inspiration from the previous generations. Of course, learning from the best of our predecessors is the most efficient way of growing ourselves and transcend their knowledge. Hence the title of this post.

Writing, along with its twin, reading, is a unique way of transmitting knowledge. Today, we are in the immediacy of videos, the Internet, other ways and other times. However, written knowledge is an extremely compact and powerful way of spreading ideas. Reading books is crucial. However, there are so many great books out there! If you are like me, you never know when to find the time to read everything you would like to read. There are too many interesting – no, thrilling, really! – books to read.

I will offer on this blog some summaries of books which I believe are important. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read them. On the contrary, I hope I can be an inspiration for you to read more!