About me

Welcome to this blog!

I am an earthling, and always asking questions about everything. I will mostly speak here about my writings, but those will have a very large range of topics. I can’t say I am specialized in anything since my interests vary as much as:

  • writing novels, thrillers, sci-fi, and even poems,
  • advanced technical stuff (I’m an engineer), technology and science in general, including IA,
  • music with very broad music styles, from early classical to indigenous music from all over the world, from Paraguay to China, Scotland to India, I’m actually a musician,
  • nature, the environment, permaculture,
  • games, from Chess to Go, going through any sorts of board and social games,
  • photography, films, astronomy, cosmology, history of the world,
  • foreign languages (I speak quite a few), and all cultures on the earth,
  • health, biology, psychology,
  • and many more.

Besides, I have no political affiliation whatsoever, since I consider political parties themselves as a total aberration. I am French, but this doesn’t prevent me from criticizing the Government when it goes astray, both internationally such as the illegal attack on a sovereign country like Libya, and domestically for instance with the current β€œsanitary” dictatorship it is setting up.

My motto could be:

One of the most important things one can do in life is to brutally question every single thing you are taught. – Bryant H. McGill